​Adult Entertainment Photos with Men and Women of Kansas
Our magazine is a look at the sexier side of Kansas with our adult entertainment photos. We are not just another gentlemen’s magazine. The people who are in our magazine are all residents of the state of Kansas. They are not models but everyday ordinary people. When you purchase our magazine you see your neighbor or your co-worker. These are people who express their inner beauty by showing that people of all shapes and sizes are beautiful.

This isn't a hardcore men’s magazine but a hint of the sexier side of the wheat state with our local adult entertainment. Beauty and sexy are often hand in hand. But what one person finds sexy isn't what the person next door might find sexy. Do you ever look across the conference table and wonder what the girl across from you may look like under that
business suit? Well if you buy our magazine you might just find out. But we don't just offer something for the gentlemen. 

We offer something for men and women alike. Our magazine also offers a monthly spread of couples modeling together showing the true beauty inside of their love. Their desires for each other show through in their photos while in each other’s arms. perhaps you yourself have thought * I could be a model* or even * my wife is just as beautiful as any of these women* or perhaps you and your spouse have talked about modeling in pictures together. This is your chance to fulfill your fantasies also with Kansas City adult entertainment. Just contact our business office for your opportunity to model today.
"I buy it just to see if anyone I know is in it."
-Jacob Brown

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